Our Program

The Choir School of Delaware provides a life changing experience for youth ages 7-17 in the greater Wilmington area, the majority of whom are considered at-risk. The comprehensive, holistic education program has a strong legacy of serving and engaging Wilmington’s youth and families through music and mentoring. Our unique after-school program combines professional-level choral training, piano, voice and musicianship lessons with opportunities for performance and travel. Students sing alongside a group of professional and semi-professional adult singers. One-on-one mentoring, academic tutoring, leadership development and health and wellness initiatives are integral to a child’s experience at the Choir School. We Harmonize Life & Learning with the belief that a rich program of academic tutoring and mentoring is amplified by the power of music! As a recipient of the 2005 Coming Up Taller Award from the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities, The Cathedral Choir School of Delaware was recognized as one of the best after-school programs in the nation.

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Choristers receive an advanced musical education, performing a variety of choral music that spans five centuries in many different languages. Students are also encouraged to undertake piano lessons and vocal lessons, both of which enhance musicianship and foster skills such as discipline and abstract reasoning that are transferable to other academic pursuits.  In addition to the music education that the students receive, there is also a comprehensive mentoring and academic program that is offered. All elements of the Choir School program are offered at no cost to participating families who show commitment to the choir schedule.

The Choristers of the Choir School achieve a 100% graduation rate from high school and go on to colleges, universities, trade schools and military service.


The Choir School’s curriculum has three Student Ensemble tracks: an introductory track (Preps), an intermediate track (Singers) and an advanced track (Camerata).